The Dullest Zodiac Sign

Some individuals adore regularity, hate new things, and would never change their lives without a plan. Some are uncontrollable. If you want to have fun or blow off steam, don't contact the former.


They may seem dull because they treasure their alone time, yet they may leave you wanting more. "They can easily detach, so you feel that the connections are dull and not worthy," explains Newman.


Libras appreciate equilibrium and pleasing others. They want to plan ahead to ensure a flawless excursion or occasion. People-pleasing might make them lose their identity. 

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Virgo is the most detail-oriented sign and it reflects in their life. Ryan Marquardt, proprietor of Ryan's Astrology, says they're flexible, but they thrive on routine.


Most serious are Capricorns. They're practical and goal-oriented, therefore they might be a drag to be around. Of course, Capricorn prioritizes work, but it makes them appear unfun to others.


Pisces want solitude. They need a lot of downtime and only put themselves out there when they benefit. They don't talk about their daydreams, which would make them more interesting.


Taurus are predictable. They don't want to change. This makes Taurus the dullest sign. Taurus, a fixed earth sign, dislikes change.