The Best Shoe for Your Zodiac Sign

You can't bear boredom, so you need shoes that are bold and wacky to match your playful spirit. 

Aquarius: Metallic Booties

Pisces, your imagination is unmatched, thus you need shoes that seem like art. Our suggestion: jeweled kitten heels.

Pisces :Patterned Kitten Heels

You need comfy shoes for your busy lifestyle as a multitasker. You're also remarkably open to early adoption. 

Aries: Normcore Tennis Shoes

Spend the additional money on designer beige heels that are professional enough for work (you're a born #girlboss) and sensual enough for your earth sign.

Taurus: Nude Pumps

Your calm demeanor and velvet ankle boots match. For your water sign, wear blue.

Cancer : Velvet Booties

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These bold hot-pink pumps suit your outgoing personality. The enormous silken bow is the perfect finishing touch as you love drama.

Leo : Ankle-bow Heels

Lady scales, balance is your middle name. Indecisive mornings call for a hefty heeled slip-on. Enjoy maintaining your physical equilibrium as others fall.

Libra : Heeled Mules

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