The Best Juice Recipe for Every Zodiac Sign

ries are impetuous, independent leaders, so this ginger-heavy juice will be a hit. Its anti-inflammatory effects will make your skin look bright and healthy, boosting your natural confidence. 

ARIES :Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Taurus is faithful and sensual. Bell pepper, tomato, garlic, and lemon provide a powerful juice match for the present sign. (Martha Stewart.

TAURUS:Tomato Cucumber Juice

Geminis love creativity and enjoyment. Unique and inventive juices can keep up with active Gemini. Fennel-mint juice is both. 

Gemini:Fennel, Mint and Spinach Juice

Ginger and avocado sweeten this fruity beverage. Its potent anti-inflammatory effects keep joints and skin supple (a Cancer move, right?). The Full Helping.

Cancer:Berry, Watermelon and Ginger Juice

Leos thirst for power. The determined sign needs an ambitious mid-afternoon snack. This antioxidant-rich beet and carrot juice will.

LEO :Beet-Carrot Juice

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Virgos love spinach-based green juices. No strong flavors here. This juice contains only spinach and pineapple.

VIRGO:Spinach pineapple

Balance-seeking This lovely green drink is Libra's hue. It balances Libra's sweet and salty tastes. Kale, cucumbers, celery, green apples, and pineapple make a great cocktail. 

LIBRA:Best green juice

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