The best horoscopes zodiac signs on April 15, 2023

Return to yourself, to love, and to a life of ease and tranquility. Return to equilibrium, to safety within the freedom and capacity for open expression.

Put down the sword and abandon the notion that you must contend for everything; instead, be receptive.

Accept the nourishment and tranquility that life has to offer. The gentleness comes from prioritizing self-care and having faith that everything else will fall into order.

Trust that, as the dwarf planet Vesta transitions into sensual Taurus, you'll be able to ease into suppleness, tending to your own internal fire as you give things time to come together. 

This is your chance, your opportunity to relax, take a vacation, and reconnect with your genuine, sweet self.

 Too much time has passed since you last felt at home within yourself and your life.

You do not need to be more than you are or feel compelled to act quickly in order to create the next phase of your voyage.

You can instead return to all of your natural endowments, including the space for comfort, sensuality, and connection with the earth around you.