The Best Colors to Attract Good Luck

If you're hoping to attract wealth and money to your life, consider donning green or gold or painting your office walls these colors.

Green and gold

Red and pink

The best colors to attract love and romance into your life are pink and red. Red is the color of passion, courage, energy, and warmth. Pink has a softer and more playful vibe.

Yellow and orange

The two brightest colors symbolize warmth, creativity, openness, freedom, and expression. Wearing yellow allows your words to flow more easily and gives you a bright demeanor, while orange adds thoughtfulness and kindness to your aura.

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Red and purple

Red represents power, passion, and warmth. Not only does wearing red help you feel more self-assured, but it also communicates your confidence to others.

Your zodiac power color

your power color holds the key to your cosmic gifts. Every zodiac sign has a specific hue that helps embolden and empower them. And while wearing certain colors can help you manifest specific things like love, money, or power.

Aries are naturally confident in their ability to lead others, so wearing red would enhance and amplify those qualities. Meanwhile, Sagittarians will feel more themselves in the color purple

Attract financial luck

A subtle way to bring these energies into your home is to purchase a money plant. In Feng Shui, some plants are considered auspicious and can positively affect your financial health.

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