The Best Cheese at the Grocery Store

"Believe it or not, most of the cheeses we are familiar with are made with the same four ingredients: milk, cultures, rennet, and salt.

But it's what the cheesemaker does with those basic ingredients that makes the difference," explains Serino. 

"Therefore, it is all the methods they decide to tweak and adjust things. Perhaps they use a combination of cow and sheep milk

.In essence, everything boils down to the recipe. So many steps can occur between the beginning and end to produce a distinct outcome."

Cheesemongers recognize that the variety of options can be overwhelming, so cheese sections are frequently organized to help customers navigate the deli case.

According to Serino, this varies per store. "At Murray's, they are considered the most effective means of communicating with customers," she says.

 "Many people are familiar with cheddar and gouda, but many are unaware of the variations that exist within that family. 

There is a wide variety of gouda and cheddar, so you can indulge your inner cheese nerd when exploring these cheeses.