The 8 Best Ways to Lose Weight After 40

1. Don’t Give Into the Popularity Contests

Many have evidence behind them, whether that’s keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, vegan, or anything else. Interestingly, there’s not as much research on what works for men as there is on women.

2. Prioritize Strength

Starting in your 30s, you can lose three to five percent of your muscle mass each decade if you don’t stay active. Note the last part of that point: “If you don’t stay active.”

3. Find A Buddy

For a so-called “accountability buddy,” Wirtz recommends anyone from a coworker or a neighbor to a family member or close friend. Social media support groups are options too.

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Still, it bears repeating—chronic stress is linked to obesity and being overweight. Put more plainly, lowering stress in your life can also aid with weight loss.

4. Stress Less

5. Talk with a Doctor

Losing or gaining weight can always be a challenge, regardless of your age. But because people over 40 may encounter more trouble than younger counterparts, why not enlist the help of professionals?

6. Check your meds

Sometimes the medicines you're taking for other issues, such as high blood pressure and antidepressant meds, can increase your weight or keep you from losing it.

Sleeping enough is important, and if your lifestyle is making you cheat sleep, then think about what you can do to get enough.

7. Sleep

“Men that I counsel who cut alcohol or significantly cut back tend to lose weight more easily.”

8. Be Sober Curious

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