The 7 Habits Of Kids  Who Stay Healthy For Life

One of our top jobs as a parent is to help our children build habits that will keep them healthy for life.

1. Managing your own emotions

When discussing healthy habits most parents jump immediately to food and movement but this puts the cart before the horse.

2. Prioritizing sleep and play

Another overlooked basis for health is sleep and downtime. It’s hard, if not impossible, to make healthy choices when you’re tired and that goes for parents and children

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The world’s healthiest, longest-living people don’t work out in a gym. Instead, they have an active lifestyle that most often includes time outside moving any part that is capable.

3. Enjoying physical activity and nature

4. Spending time with friends

The ability to build and maintain social connections is vital to our health and longevity.

5. Eating nutritious foods

We all know that vegetables have a different nutritional contribution than cookies, However, it’s important to allow all foods and not to demonize any.

That negativity bias is likely what kept your ancient ancestors alive but working actively to build in some positive emotion will go far toward supporting health.

6. Practicing gratitude and awe

A final essential healthy practice is to model the idea of “good enough” by teaching children to accept and learn from mistakes and failures.

7. Acknowledging mistakes

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