The 6 Houses Of Astrology

In astrology, there are so many factors in addition to your Sun sign that go into your unique personality — and one of them is your planetary house placements.

The first house regards your self-image and how you present yourself to others. Think of a regular house — each one has to start with a foundation.

Self and Identity

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The second house feeds off of the first house. Where this house focuses on self-worth, it has more to do with our values than our appearances and first impressions.

Value and Possessions

The third house is the house where your penchant for communication comes from.

Communication and Sharing

The fourth house is about your roots and heritage. When looking at the astrology house chart, the fourth house sits at the bottom of the chart, making it another foundational house.

Family and Home

The fifth house focuses on creativity, artistic self-expression, pleasure, and romance. Its natural sign ruler is Leo, while its natural planetary ruler is the Sun.

Pleasure and Romance

The planet occupying this house at the time you're born determines how you focus on your career, what your work ethic is like, your job, and other day-to-day aspects of your life.


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