Taurus Mercury Retrograde's Biggest Mistakes

The tension of Mercury in your 2nd House of Values, Material Possessions, and Finances may tempt you to spend a lot of money rapidly.

Aries: Overspending

Despite the bustle, it's easy to be hard on yourself if you're not where you planned. You’re not failing, and self-criticism won’t help. 

Taurus: Being too hard on yourself

This retrograde is in your 12th House of Subconscious and Secrets, making you more contemplative than usual. 

Gemini: Overthinking 

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You trust your pals, especially. Mercury in Retrograde in your 11th House of Friendships and Networking may cause social conflict. Listen before drawing judgements. 

Cancer: Jumping to conclusions in your social circles

This retrograde in your 10th House of Career and Public Image may cloud your career and image goals. It's better to know what's expected than to work harder. 

Leo: Overworking yourself

You may be tempted to assert your "dominance" over intellectual things, which will only make you look pompous.

Virgo: Being closed-minded

If you don't obtain what you desire and have urgent demands, you may feel bitter. Take things one step at a time and remember that dialogue can clear up so much.

Libra: Being resentful or passive aggressive

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