Tarot Horoscope for Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Feelings matter. Today, you feel intense emotions. When you feel overburdened, it is difficult to articulate your emotions

This day will be enjoyable. You have so much to look forward to on the horizon. You are receiving an abundance of blessings and getting to experience the finest that life has to offer.

Do not overthink situations. You are somewhat concerned and apprehensive. You feel as though a puzzle piece is missing

You are finished waiting. The circumstances are not what you anticipated, and too much time has passed. 

You're experiencing good fortune because you've brought it upon yourself. You have worked so diligently that success is gaining momentum.

You are prepared for this occasion. You cannot wait to begin the next chapter of your life because the future is awaiting you.

Consider before acting. With so much information bombarding you at once, you may feel overwhelmed today.

A small amount of deception is occurring. You have been duped by someone you believed to be a true ally.