Styles of Iconic City Hot Dogs From Across the U.S.

A hot dog is a hot dog regardless of where it is consumed, right? Perhaps not necessarily.

As a result of hyper-specific condiments or culinary techniques, cities across the United States lay claim to unique hot dog varieties. Examine nine of the most popular fashions

Simple dogs rule New York. New Yorkers top their hot dogs with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut or tomato paste-sautéed onions.

Chicago-style dogs are some of the most well-known and unique hot dogs out there.

the famous dog from Detroit is named the "Coney Dog," and the beloved city spots that serve them are still called Coney Islands today.

Hot dogs wrapped in or topped with bacon are popular throughout the western United States, but in the San Francisco area,

Arizona's most well-known cities are home to the Sonoran, a hot dog that's first wrapped in smoky bacon

These may not look like the typical hot dog, but they're the real deal. Ask a Wisconsin purist—tradition demands that these sausages be served on a toasted hard roll

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