Star sign wine recommendations

A Malbec is a good choice of wine for an Aries. They should go for something with an intense and distinct flavor

Leo is the most generous of the fire signs, and loves to entertain and be entertained. They are vivacious and bright like the Aries

Sagittarius is the sign associated with travel, exploration, and curiosity. They are one of the most open-minded signs

A Sagittarius will often find their way to opportunities that are hidden from others. They are suited to a rarer grape

Geminis are known to be quick-witted, but also have a youthful and bubbly energy. They love to talk, sometimes even gossip

Libra is symbolized by the scales, and they are known to be peaceful and diplomatic. They are balanced and know how to combine emotions

Aquarians are innovators and radical thinkers, who boost communities and live for equality.

The water signs are the most sensitive souls in the zodiac. They tend to be sentimental and seek out emotional experiences.