Simple Rules Is The Easiest Way To Eat Healthier

Choosing healthy foods is incredibly important for your long-term well-being. After all, you are what you eat!

Green light foods are "go" foods. This means that you can eat as much as you want of it, because these are healthy foods to eat.

1. Green light foods

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These foods are low in calories and high in nutrients. In other words, Green light foods are nutrient dense.

Green light foods

Yellow Light foods are "slow down" foods. While foods that fit in this category are OK to eat every day and are essential to your health, they should be eaten in moderation.

2. Yellow light foods

Too much of a good thing really is no good! Yellow light foods include whole wheat, pasta, eggs, salmon, nuts, seeds, rice, whole grain bread, and yogurt.

Yellow light foods

Red light foods are "stop and think' foods since they are low in nutrients, high in sugar, and contain artificial sweeteners and ingredients.

3. Red light foods

As you're learning how to start choosing and eat more healthy foods, there are a few red light ingredients to steer clear of.

Red light foods

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