Silent Warning Zodiac Signs

If you've lost more than 10 pounds with no diet or exercise changes, get it checked out, says Richard Wender, MD, chief cancer control officer at the American Cancer Society.

I often get referrals from dentists with patients who don’t feel heartburn or other reflux symptoms, but their teeth enamel is completely worn down,

Many are shocked to learn they have acid reflux. While sugary drinks wear down teeth at the front of your mouth, acid from your esophagus tends

This reaction, which breaks out on the elbows, knees, butt, back, or scalp, may look suspiciously like eczema, but it could be a more serious issue

Peeing more or less than usual could indicate bladder or prostate cancer. Constipation or diarrhea may signal colon or ovarian cancer.

When you think of Parkinson’s, you probably think of tremors, but a more telling early Parkinson's warning sign is handwriting that gets much smaller.

For many people, depression doesn’t translate to weeping or lying listlessly on the couch. More than half of patients with depression have irritability and anger

However, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's diseases can also cause dry mouth.