Signs That Won't Work With a Leo

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, you can attest to living life to the utmost, being a leader in most situations

 Being governed by the sun, Leos are one of the most charismatic signs in astrology, and in many cases they are larger-than-life extroverts seeking excitement.

 Leos are typically most at ease when they are the center of attention; they are also loyal, assured, and appreciate a life of luxury.

This sign of fire can find comfort in most circumstances, and they treat their romantic life as seriously as they do their professional life.

Together, Leos and Capricorns are problematic. On the surface, they appear to have many similarities; both are driven leaders.

Leo is a prominent example of someone who may require a partner who is somewhat different from them. (After all, leadership does not necessarily enjoy competition.)

Ambitious Capricorns devote a significant portion of their lives to maintaining their reputations, and they are also affected by what others think of them.

Leos would never presume that anyone has less than respect for them, and this is where they fail to comprehend the priorities of a Capricorn.