Secret-Keeping Zodiac Signs

Aries move fast, which means you’ll need to catch them in a moment of calm and quiet if you’re to fully gain their attention.


While they walk through this world with plenty of strength and composure, Taureans tend to carry a great deal


The rumors you’ve heard are true. Geminis are not great at keeping secrets! However, they’re a little more strategic with their gossip


Cancers are sweet, sensitive, and extremely nurturing to the ones they love, going above and beyond to lift up their family and friends whenever they’re down.


Leos are fiercely loyal and protective of the people they love, which means you can trust them with your secrets


Virgos love to fix problems, making them excellent friends to confide in. Not only will they give you meaningful and honest feedback


A fan of casual gossip, a Libra holds a moral threshold when it comes to revealing other people’s secrets.


When it comes to signs that value privacy, no member of the zodiac takes secrets quite as seriously as a Scorpio does