Rough Horoscopes For Zodiac Sign

We awaken enraged, desiring to release for whatever reason, and seek out individuals we believe will listen to us.

When we use these individuals as punching bags for our verbal abuse, the situation quickly deteriorates.

It is comforting to know that we have companions who will lend us an ear when we need to vent,

 but if we lack the discretion to distinguish between venting and abusing, then we are the ones in trouble. 

 Mercury square Mars is not unfamiliar with the concept of exceeding one's boundaries. 

Today, we will violate a friend's boundaries, and whether or not we lament it, that friend will remember what we did tomorrow.

cheerleading society when it comes to showing support for friends, each and every time.

Today brings a confusing message to you, and it's one that you will follow all day long, due to the influence of Mercury sextile Mars