Relationship-Arguing Zodiac Signs

As the proudest zodiac sign out there, it should come as no surprise that Leo always has to be right. This fiery personality loves having the upper hand

Gemini’s jokey persona often serves them well in hiding their argumentative and dogged side. As one of the smartest zodiac signs

The thought of speaking their truth is exciting for the determined and proud Virgo. Despite their somewhat shy personalities

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You might think that being in a relationship would soften the naturally tough Scorpio, right? WRONG! Scorpio is a fighter and always stands up for what they believe in

Taurus makes for a very kind and understanding partner, but that’s not to say they’ll always agree with their partner.

Their traditional personalities mean they often have diverging opinions on a whole range of subjects

Here’s a piece of advice for people dating a Scorpio; there’s no point in attempting to browbeat them into things they don’t want to do, because they’ll never change their minds