"Reality Dating" Zodiac Signs

Making quick decisions is your brand, Aries. On a show like Married At First Sight, your impulses could actually work in your favor.

The Courtship centers a woman and her 16 suitors living in a castle in the English countryside as they each attempt to win her over

Halfway through the series, the men reveal whether they are on the show to find love and win $100K

On The One That Got Away, you’re given the opportunity to reconnect with someone from your past through a device called The Portal

Serve that main character energy, Leo. You know the deal with The Bachelorette — as the star of the show, you’d date about 25 contestants

You’re motivated by logic, Virgo. On The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On, your desire to plan ahead would be front and center.

A show like this would tick all your boxes, Libra. Coupling up is literally a requirement in order to stay on Love Island — a total non-issue for you

As someone who usually exercises strong self-control, virtual assistant Lana’s rules would be fun to (try to) follow,