Real-Life Techniques For Dealing With Anxiety

1. Try breathing exercises

Here is a simple breathing exercise you can do to relax: Sit down with both feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes, and, take slow deep breaths in and out.

2. Give meditation a try

There are many ways to meditate, so you need to find one that works best for you. I prefer a method called "centering prayer."

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Walking is a great way to calm the mind. Ideally find a quiet, safe place to walk where you do not need to worry about heavy traffic.

3. Go for a walk

4. Make something creative

It doesn’t matter what you make. You could make something with your hands such as pottery, paint or draw.

5. Do some gardening

Gardening is therapeutic for many people. If you love to garden get out there every spring to weave some magic.

Classical music has a way of helping the mind relax. Find a quiet place or use your headset to surround yourself with this beautiful music.

6. Listen to classical music

A good book can take your mind off all your worries by bringing you into another world. Sometimes, even reading old favorites can be comforting.

7. Read a good book

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