Popular Perfume More Effective At Repelling Bugs

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Out of all the bug species in the animal kingdom, nothing is more hated than the dreaded blood-sucking, disease-carrying mosquito.

Before you think of us as ridiculous for saying that a beauty product can do such a thing, take a look at this study in the Journal of Insect Science.

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"It was interesting to see that the mosquitoes weren't actually attracted to the person that was wearing Victoria's Secret perfume — they were repelled by it,".

Three products didn't work: Cutter Natural insect repellent, the Mosquito Skin patch, and Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard.

The perfume "may provide a masking odor resulting in low mosquito attraction rates but over a shorter duration of time," said the researchers.

However, before you drop everything and run to the nearest Victoria's Secret, note that the researchers also said that "the concentration of perfume we used in this test".

So is Victoria's Secret Bombshell or any other flowery scent a much more effective bug repellant than actual bug spray?

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