Perfect summer fragrance for every zodiac sign

Inspired by the debut of The Girl from Ipanema in the summer of 1962, this bold, electric scent is a natural fit for the fiery Aries.


A mix of sweet myrrh, labdanum, geranium, violet and vanilla creates a seductive aroma that perfectly represents the sensual Taurus.


This summery scent combines two distinct personalities in a way that will deeply resonate with twin sign Geminis.


Just as Cancers are associated with the divine mother, this Dior scent is deeply feminine.


No doubt about it — this scent was created specifically for summer-loving Leos. Vacation is known for the intoxicating aroma of its iconic sunscreens, and this perfume hits all the classic notes.


With green, woodsy notes, Thé Matcha provides Virgos with the earthy groundedness they so crave. It’s quiet, clean and soulful — a scent that will help Virgos reflect and recharge.


Libras will love the way this perfume makes them feel both feminine and balanced.


The spicy notes of white honey, patchouli and sandalwood are just as tantalizing as Scorpios themselves.