On May 26, Zodiac Signs Experience Difficult Horoscopes

With today's transit of Moon square Uranus, we're looking at moody dispositions and the idea that if we get bored enough

The transit, Moon square Uranus on May 26 brings rough horoscopes to three zodiac signs because it works with the mind.

If the mind gets too filled up with nonsense, as it very well can during this transit, then the mind will tell the body to get in trouble.

In other words, this Friday, to avoid overthinking, we will find distractions that may not necessarily be healthy or even 'right.'

during Moon square Uranus, we will experience some denial. If we can't look at our lives today, we will spend our energy getting up in someone else's grill

Of all the zodiac signs, you are most prone to boredom. Even though you can fill up your time with creative projects, you don't always want to, and so

You aren't going for an effect, but once you realize that you can engage with this person negatively, you'll figure that it's at least something to do

You generally do not have a problem keeping yourself interested, and things like boredom or ennui are things that are seen as 'beneath you.