On April 15, 2023, Zodiac Signs Need Love Space

what is difficult is asking for it, as we have somehow acquired the notion that requesting personal space is an affront.

The need for solitude is not always a result of a desire to be away from loved ones or coworkers; sometimes it is simply a request for self-care.

Occasionally, we must take care of ourselves, and during today's transit of the Moon sextile Jupiter, the appeal to do so is strong and unwavering

One characteristic associated with a transiting Moon sextile Jupiter is the notion of selflessness.

 This is when we want to be kind to ourselves, when we don't view having time off as selfish and when we don't criticize ourselves for wanting solitude.

The Moon's sextile to Jupiter encourages those who require personal space to assert themselves and claim what is ours.

We may be deeply in love with someone, but we still need our own space, and if we don't tell them

we may establish a lifestyle with them in which we never get the space we need in the future.