Most Self-Reliant Zodiac Sign

Some of them might seem cold and hard to talk to, while others might seem friendly and open.

These removed beings won't be the ones to start talks, which can sometimes make it seem like they think they are better than others. 

if you break them down enough, you might be able to see more of who they are, but astrology might explain why some people are shy at first.

Their sense of adventure and spirituality can make it hard for them to get close to anyone or anything.


Cancers tend to be quiet, which can make them seem cold. They care about people and enjoy being there for them.


Because they are different, they can sometimes seem distant from other people and their surroundings.


Taurus has a hard time changing. They like to stick to habits and don't like it when things are changed.


When it comes to showing how they feel, Capricorns are careful. Clare tells Best Life that they might not open up right away and give off a "stay away from me" vibe.


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