Most Expensive Birthstones

Exact values vary depending on the cut and quality of each gem, as well as changing market value. Current figures are based on information from Gemval.

Amethyst is one of the few birthstones that can be found everywhere from mom and pop crystal and mineral shops to souvenir stores

Topaz, a mineral made of silica, comes in almost every color and shade. Its hardness of 8 makes it ideal for virtually any type of jewelry

Garnets are often considered off-brand rubies, but they're pretty underrated. They come in a wide range of colors, and red garnets are the most popular.

Emeralds, the May birthstone, are a shiny shade of forest green, sometimes leaning more toward teal.

The opal, also known as the October birthstone, can be anything from utterly ordinary to downright jaw-dropping.

Aquamarine glows in a pale shade of green-blue. It varies in color from pale blue to aqua.

Tanzanite, another of the most valuable gemstones, is made of the mineral zoisite.