Most Abusive Zodiac Signs

white bread

White bread is low in fiber and calories, thus it may make you hungry after eating. Dietary fiber consumption is connected to weight loss and satiety.


Overthinking everything might depress these locals. This makes Capricorn the least aggressive zodiac sign.

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Libras avoid anger by focusing on the positive. Libra's indecision might hurt her. 


These inhabitants prefer to forgive and forget rather than retaliate or keep a grudge.


Gemini's inability to decide and act limits their dissatisfaction to passive violence.


Cancer doesn't want to annoy people, yet they can't control their powerful emotions and difficulties.

Sugary Cereal

Some cereals have over 10 grams of sugar per serving. Delicious, but high-sugar cereals may delay weight reduction.


Aquarius craves control and will manipulate people to acquire what they desire, especially power.


These locals don't care about others' views, beliefs, or emotions because they think they're better.


Scorpios enjoy conflict and drama. Scorpio is emotionally aggressive and physically violent.


 They'll exploit others' innermost anxieties and worries. Virgos battle to destroy their opponents, not win.


Anger makes them dangerous and illogical. They are abusive and narcissistic.


Taurus ignores verbal and emotional abuse and jumps to physical. Once enraged, they are dangerous.


Aries is scary because they start their binge on impulse but continue because they like the devastation and misery.