Mercury Retrograde Wants Analog and Slow

We interrupt your ChatGPT session with an important astrological announcement: Mercury will be retrograde in tactile

Unavoidable fact: Mercury retrogrades always point us back to the past. And this one’s hearkening a bygone era when life was analog.

People sat down face to face for fireside chats instead of streaming them on Instagram Live.

humans met in the flesh for coffee dates (and spicy sex) instead of simulating with AI avatars.

Action-oriented fire signs usually have (at least) five simultaneous projects in rotation at any given time.

Of all the signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorns may be hit the hardest by this retrograde, since it falls in an earth sign.

Brace yourselves for major disruptions to your neatly planned schedules. But also know that this will be a blessing in disguise.

Buzzing around like pretty bumblebees is classic air sign behavior. But it’s hard to pollinate anything meaningful when you’re always on the move

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