Mercury Retrograde and Gemini Season in May 2023

April's cosmic forecast was filled with heavy precipitation, including the year's first eclipse and the beginning of a troublesome Mercury

These astrological changes pave the way for an entire garden's worth of beautiful May flowers. 

Because, despite the fact that the astrology of May 2023 is not all springtime sunlight, there will be significant planetary shifts that portend significant changes for all zodiac signs.

It's beginning to resemble retrograde season! This year, Pluto is the leader of the outer planets' retrograde brigade

beginning its annual backspin on May 1. Pluto is the planet of power struggles and profound under-the-surface shifts

Due to Pluto's great distance from the sun, its transits are more subdued, so there won't be any Mercury retrograde-like behavior to disrupt your daily routine.

In case you weren't already aware, a full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse will rise on May 5 to remind us that we are still in the midst of eclipse season

This lunation blossoms in the murky waters of Scorpio, bringing repressed emotions or unexpected secrets to the surface.