Men Find Irresistibly Attractive In Women

Men love the way a woman smells.

"I love how women smell. It's this amazing combination of shampoo, perfume, and whatever girly soap/body wash stuff you guys use in the shower.

Men find it attractive when a woman is maternal.

"I love how women have maternal instincts. They're so much more warm and caring than my male friends."

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"I'd much rather talk to a female friend when I have a super-huge emotional problem to solve.

it attractive when a woman is a good listener.

Men love the way women make such cozy little spoons.

"A woman's body just fits so perfectly into yours at night. Spooning is so underrated."

Men find it attractive when a woman has curves.

A woman's body has so much personality! God, just watching a woman walk down the street is so much more interesting than watching a man.

Nothing makes a woman's legs look better than a pair of high heels. We all love them, even when they make you a few inches taller than us.

Men find it attractive when women wear high heels.

Women are always so soft. I love their stomachs and resting my head on them."

Men are attracted to a woman's softness.

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