May 26: Zodiac Signs Change Their Love Lives

zodiac signs make major changes to their love lives on May 26, 2023. Today prepares us for big changes as Venus sextile Uranus

we feel good about our love lives but are not content to let them be. We desire more and must know what we have now can continue

We are looking for longevity in our relationships, and to make this happen, we know we need to roll with the changes.

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One of the better things that can happen today is if you are in a solid relationship with someone

Sometimes the greatest changes occur over disagreements, and while we couldn't say that what some couples are going to have today are disagreements

For the first time in a while, you feel like you're both on the same page, and so much of that feeling happens because Venus sextile Uranus is in the sky

You are much more someone who likes to rely on the reliable, and things like 'major change' scare you. That is unless you can see your way into that change