May 2023 Gemini Horoscope: Spiritual Awakening Possible

The month of May begins slowly for you, as Taurus season enters your solitary and introspective twelfth house

In addition, your ruling planet Mercury is still in retrograde, slowing down communication and causing a variety of subtle but irritating mental confusions

You are a naturally busy person, but the Taurus season's grounded energy requires you to calm down. 

Once the sun enters your sign, it will be party time, so get as much rest and relaxation as you can while you still can.

Romantic Venus is in your sign until May 7, making the first week of the month especially alluring and endowing you with an irresistible charisma.

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will occur during the first week of May, which could result in sudden alterations to your responsibilities or schedule

The current state of affairs may feel tumultuous, but have faith that these eclipse-related disruptions are paving the way for future wellness and productivity.

Mercury's retrograde phase concludes on May 14, bringing much-needed relief and clarity for Mercury-ruled signs like you.