Lunar Eclipse Will Affect 4 Zodiac Signs Most

1. Taurus

This month is going to be an intense one for your relationships, Taurus. While all eyes are definitely going to remain on you this season, your romantic partnerships will be highlighted as the May eclipse unfolds in your seventh house.


Now is the time to release any fears or drawbacks that have been preventing you from experiencing true intimacy, even if it means letting go of a person.

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On May 5, the Scorpio eclipse is shedding light on your home and private world, asking that you let go of any fears, worries, or concerns about your residence, living situation, or relatives.

2. Leo


Either way, it’s a time to expunge any residual feelings rooted in anxiety about the nature of your home environment.

3. Scorpio

This eclipse has your name all over it, Scorpio, and it’s bringing the parts of yourself that you’re no longer in alignment with to the surface.

No more hiding. You tend to deeply identify with the struggles and challenges of your past, and this eclipse is asking that you let them go, in order to evolve into your best self.


On May 5, you’re being called to let any pent-up emotions or feelings in your career and professional life go, Aquarius.


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