Lucky zodiac charms

The Tree of Life (Cosmic Tree) has various legends. Taurus represents Earth's primal forces. This tree provides knowledge and stability.

Taurus: Tree of Life

It instills equilibrium of components, directions, etc. The Witch's knot represents all elements, while the triquetra represents the Great Goddess's three faces.

Gemini: Witch knot

rescent Moons have been Lucky Charms for millennia. This mystical emblem invokes Artemis and Selene and reminds you that everything is a circle.

Cancer: Crescent moon

The Eye of Ra, one of the oldest lucky charms, protects, enlightens, and blesses from God Ra.

Leo: eye of Ra

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The Hamsa Hand protects Virgo. Your versatility and sensitivity to energy may make mood swings irritate you.

Virgo: Hamsa hand

The Wheel of Fortune aligns your cosmic center! The eight-rayed wheel symbolizes growth and luck worldwide. Every tarot deck's.

Libra: the Wheel of Fortune

 Egyptians believed scarabs were made of subterranean substance or came from the dead. Thus, Scarab symbolizes light triumphing over darkness.

Scorpio: Scarab

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