Luckiest Day Of The Week

Your luckiest day of the week is here for April 24 - 30, 2023. This week, try to release the need for control, the belief that anything will ever look the way that you imagine.


Regardless of the challenges that you have going on around you, it is always possible to find those moments of joy.


You tend to want to go it alone and think that you must be the rock for others without letting them do the same for you.

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It is time to get the words that have been swirling in your head out into the world. It is time to start speaking about everything that you've been overthinking.


You have never had to choose. The only thing that was making you feel like there was some huge decision to make was the fear that you had to.


You may listen to your heart but honoring it as truth is something that often takes you on a journey to learn.


There has been a lot going on recently in your life and while little of it is challenging, that is presented its own obstacle for you.

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