Love Won't Change 3 Zodiac Signs

Saturn sextile the North Node on April 19, 2023, won't impact three zodiac signs' love.

1. Aries

Why should I have to be the one who changes?' is the overarching question for April 19, 2023.

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Your love partner's recommendations will insult you since you won't comprehend why they want you to do the work while they continue "as they are."


This could lead to a pointless fight, and Saturn's sextile Node will damage your ego. You ignore your partner's proposals and defend yourself.

2. Taurus

Partner change? That's hilarious. Your lover just told you to change, but you're not going to.


On April 19, 2023, you feel like your romantic partner has fallen for a popular craze and is attempting to sell you on its virtues, which you have no interest in.

3. Sag

Love change? Why would you alter for love if you know you are perfect? You find it absurd that your partner suddenly wants you to change for their love.


Saturn sextile Node on April 19 will make you feel confident in who you are and unchangeable. You want your partner to be happy.


 You don't understand their timing or request, but you won't be forced to do something you don't believe in.