Love Surprises These 3 Zodiac Signs On May 2

Today brings eye-opening news to those who wondered about the mysterious person we just happen to be in love with. While we all love a good mystery.

Well, you asked for it, Gemini. You pushed and pushed and gave your partner the right space to share something about their lives, and welp, now, you have the truth right in front of your face.

1. Gemini

Now, they are right out in the open with you, and what you will discover is that maybe they should have kept it to themselves. This day will be a big lesson in love for you.


You're about to discover today that your partner is not who you thought they were. Oh sure, they're still wonderful and faithful and completely devoted to you.

2. Leo

You like to think of yourself as the great analyst, the Sigmund Freud of your romantic relationships, but you're about to discover nothing as you imagined it to be.


During the Libra Moon, you will get to find out something about your mate that will surprise you, and fortunately, in your case, it's a good thing. Still, in all, it will be a surprising thing.

3. Sagittarius

On May 2, during the Libra Moon, you may have to let them know that while you appreciate what they've shared, you aren't quite sure you are ready for that kind of compromise..


Being a Sagittarius, you really do follow your path, and even though you love your partner and respect their needs and desires.