Love Luckiest Zodiac Signs On May 25

while that sounds glib or obvious, what we're looking at today is how we rise above obstacles so that we can be good to the people we love

We have the transit of Moon square Mercury guiding us on this day, and while this isn't entirely negative

Because it's a Mercury transit, we already know we will be dealing with something having to do with communication.

because it's also squared with the Moon, we need to consider that there may be a misunderstanding and that this may take place between two lovers

There are moments in your life when you feel as though it's all on you to bring up certain subjects — the kind nobody else wants to talk about

You are quite fortunate today because transits like Moon square Mercury favor your personality and will work to your advantage.

When you get involved with someone, you want to know exactly what's happening. While you may love a good tease,

During the transit of Moon square Mercury, which falls today, May 25, you will facilitate a conversation between the two of you that needs to be had.