Love Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs for April 11

There needs to be a clear line. When you're ready to move on in a new relationship, you have to leave the past behind. 


There may be a sweet end to a friendship. Both of your lives are going in different ways.


A problem at work can make things harder at home. You may be too close to a friend and need to put some space between you.


When your heart is broken, it's hard to trust that your relationship will work out. Y


our past isn't a secret, but you might not want to tell someone new about it.


You are ready to love more deeply. With Saturn in your commitments region, you're looking for someone who wants to love you and no one else. 


Today's tasks are heavy, and it may be hard to stop thinking about work when you get home. 


We don't always get inspired when we want to. Today might be hard for you in terms of being creative at work.