Zodiac fairytale archetypes

A young girl wears a crimson cape and hood to bring food to her sick grandmother across the jungle. She encounters a mysterious wolf who bursts into her life.

Aries: The Red Riding Hood

Prince Charming, a Taurus, is determined to succeed. As he pursues Cinderella, he is patient, loyal, generous, and trustworthy. 

Taurus: Prince Charming

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's Alice is a Gemini. Alice lives in both reality and dream, like this sign's twins.

Gemini: Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Cinderella, of all fairytale figures, represents tenacity and hope in the face of misfortune, traits commonly associated with this zodiac sign.

Cancer : Cinderella

 Her bravery inspires us to pursue our dreams despite our worries! Rapunzel, the iconic fairytale character, is courageous, attractive, and determined like Leos.

Leo: Rapunzel

Snow White is innocent but strong, exactly like most Virgos! Virgo is associated with Snow White, the renowned fairytale heroine. 

Virgo: Snow White

The Little Mermaid was devoted to her family, especially King Triton. She gave up everything, even her voice, to save Prince Eric from drowning and find true love.

Scorpio: Little Mermaid

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