Job Is Killing Your Relationship

1. Your career is seriously stigmatized

Though it’s not impossible, if you’re in a career that’s associated with sex work, your job can make it extremely difficult to get hitched.

2. Your hours are insane

If you work two full-time jobs, you’re going to have a serious problem keeping a relationship going.

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As much as it pains me to say this, the amount of money you make is directly proportional to the chances you have of finding and keeping someone interested in you.

3. Your job keeps you flat broke balance is way off-kilter

Most of the time, people have a good idea when their job is taking over every little aspect of their life.

5. Your boss slept with your significant other

This has legit happened to my ex and resulted in major love-life problems for a very long time.

There are certain careers out there that basically require a spouse to act certain ways, dress certain ways, and present themselves in certain ways.

6. Your job or career path is demanding

If you can’t get in the mood after work, there’s a problem. No sex life is a sign that you’re doing something very wrong with your relationship.

7.Your job killed your sex life

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