I Tried A 'Urine Facial' To Treat My Severe Acne

 A bird poop facial

There was the time I got a bird poop facial to brighten my skin. There was also the time I put my boyfriend's semen on my face to improve my complexion.

Once the urine has been applied, you sit and wait for 15 minutes. Presumably, you also should avoid the outdoors and human beings altogether.

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This sounded pretty good to me. I'm in my 30s but I still get the odd zit  and the changing seasons have my skin flaking off like layers of croissant dough, only infinitely less inviting.

Urea is keratolytic, meaning, it can dissolve the rough buildup of keratin. In fact, a lot of creams and cleansers on the market contain urea, especially items designed to remove calloused skin on your feet.

I procured a small bowl I keep on my dresser to display pretty stones. I dumped out the stones and considered cleaning the bowl, but then, realizing I was going to be peeing into it.

Peeing into a bowl made me feel a lot like a monster person. Especially because halfway through my cats both came in to stare at me being all "What on EARTH are you doing?"

I currently have my period, so in addition to smelling like fresh hay, my urine had notes of decomposing fall leaves with maybe a body buried under them.

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