How to Start a Business With $0

when you start small, you can get your company off the ground with little to no money.

you can start with limited to no startup capital

limited resources

Opening a business with limited resources is like starting any other company. You will need to follow the same standard steps to become a successful entrepreneur.

become a successful entrepreneur, including, but not limited to, the following:

successful entrepreneur

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1. Conduct market research to determine a minimum viable product. 2. Perform a competitive analysis. 3. Choose a business name.

4. Write a business plan. 5. Follow the applicable legal requirements. 6. Choose your vendors.

opportunities to add investors

you’ll have opportunities to add investors or partners, and to crowdfund to increase your cash flow so you can scale at your own pace.

starting with little to no money

Many businesses with low overhead costs can be started on a shoestring and then scaled up. Some business owners start small, working out of their homes or online.

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