How to Flirt With Each Sign

Aries are among the most independent and impassioned zodiac signs, navigating life with speed and confidence.


With Venus as their ruling planet, Taureans are typically hopeless romantics who appreciate thoughtful gestures, modest gifts, and fine dining. 


If you have a Gemini in your sights, you may want to prepare for a path that is exciting, perplexing, and unusual. 


Cancers are notoriously difficult to understand, as they are among the most sensitive and reserved zodiac signs.


Leos are among the most powerful and self-assured zodiac signs, which can make interacting with them initially intimidating.


As one of the most composed and hard-working zodiac signs, Virgos need someone who can make them giggle and show them how to have fun.


Librans value equilibrium and harmony above all else, and they have an intense fear of conflict and emotional tension.


Scorpios are notoriously difficult to get to know because they value their privacy above all other zodiac signs.