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I don’t hate working out, though, or getting exercise, or being healthy and fit, or being outside. I just really don’t like boring, gym-based, exercise routines.

Back in the saddle

Ever since I was a young, carefree, wild child, I’ve had a profound and deep love of horses.

I feel a connection to them, and I love everything about them: the way they look, how they smell, the sound of leather and buckles, the clip-clop of horse hooves on the ground.

Back in the saddle

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The barn is my happy place, and I am able to fill my figurative cup just by being there. I would rather spend my day at the hot (or freezing), dirty, smelly barn, mucking out stalls, cleaning water buckets.

Making it look effortless takes effort

I have been told over the years, by non-riders, that riding is “easy” and that “you just sit there,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

you just sit there

Riding offers a holistic approach to fitness

The best attributes of all sports can be gained on the back of a horse: strength, balance, coordination, flexibility. mental toughness, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, a clear mind, and trust.

These benefits align with what I feel on a horse, too. I get so much more out of riding for an hour than I do at the gym, both physically and mentally.

fitness that brings you joy

I feel this in my bones when I ride my horse. When I’m riding, I feel truly free and truly my own. I get lost in my thoughts while cleaning out a stall.

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