Horoscopes Are 'Truthful' For 3 Zodiac Signs

There is a surge of truth that can be a powerful ally in helping you move mountains within your life.

To live the life you truly desire, you must be honest with yourself about what that means. It's easy to get caught up in the battle between your inner self and the need to make your life look a certain way on the outside.

1. Leo

You must realize that it doesn't matter how anything in your life looks if you lack a deep connection to it. You must honor what you want for yourself, your career, your love life.


Today, Jupiter in Aries and the Leo Moon offer you a burst of confidence and knowing that you need to fully take advantage of all that is coming up for you.


You have nothing to hide from, my friend. There's nothing that can come and steal the life you've created for yourself.

2. Virgo

Luckily, today offers a chance to let go of those doubts. Uranus and Mars are aligned, providing a wonderful opportunity to push through any lingering negativity.


To fully grow, you need to understand why you have held on to certain patterns in your life. Since Jupiter entered Aries last year, you have seen progress in your romantic life.

3. Libra

Your desire for a loving relationship is connected to your abundance and positive developments, but unless you acknowledge what you truly want, you will continue to struggle to create it.