Horoscopes Are Truly Wonderful For 3 Zodiac Signs

Interestingly enough, you don't mind having a break from your Sun sign, as Aries's power may be powerful, but it sure as heck is draining for you.

1. Aries


His week allows you to focus more intensely on all the good things in your life, rather than sneer at all the things you believe are going wrong.

2. Taurus

Not only are you in Taurus season and loving it, but you're also feeling as though you've finally overcome some nagging obstacle in your life, and now that it's gone

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You've got Mercury sextile Mars heading your way on Monday, April 24, and it's going to help you gain control over the Mercury retrograde blues.

3. Gemini

The beginning of the week will go smoothly for you, Gemini, but the real gold comes in toward the latter portion of the week, with the introduction of Leo energy into your world.


You feel exceptionally confident during this week, Gemini, and between April 23 - 29, you may find you are not only thinking clearly, but purposefully, too.


You've needed to believe in something for a while now, and you've been feeling a little lost; this week brings your focus back.


While Aries's power may have been a little too much for you, you have always been able to work well with Leo transits, as they seem to appeal to your sense of who you are and what you are worth.

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