Horoscopes Are 'A Bit Problematic' For 3 Zodiac Signs

1. Aries

The last thing you feel you needed today was the help of the transit called Moon trine Pluto, and yet, it's here and it's going to affect you. How so? Your mood will turn black as soon as you begin the day.


That's OK, you will get to your plans, but you will also use this dark energy to do something cruel to someone, which will cause instant regret. You will be facetious, meaning, you will jeopardize a good opportunity.

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You're going to keep within the boundaries of the family today, which means that you are going to parlay the influence of Moon trine Pluto as bickering and backstabbing.

2. Virgo


They have not asked for it and whatever it is that you don't like about this person certainly doesn't give you the right to tear them to pieces, as you will today.

3. Scorpio

Pluto retrograde was enough to make you call it quits on that project you so desperately wanted to dive deep into, and with Moon trine Pluto now in orbit, you may as well just stay home and sulk it on out, Scorpio.

You like to be involved and engaged and the last thing you are up for is the idea that absolutely everything you will try doing today will not only fail miserably.


But it's way too difficult to fight Pluto when it's in retrograde and on May 2, Moon trine Pluto doubles down on the degradation.


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