Horoscope-Inspired Home Colors

This fire sign is determined and ambitious, which makes this bold color scheme perfect for their big personality.


Taurus is grounded and enjoys the finer things in life, making this luxurious color scheme one that will exude their personal style.


Geminis are outgoing and curious, so this bright palette of orange and yellow colors matches their personality to a tee.


After all, green represents the color of life and is associated with nature, health, growth and prosperity.


Those born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August fall under the sun sign Leo. Here is your daily Leo horoscope for love, work, fitness, and finances..


Virgo is kind, grounded and sensible, so these subtle colors are perfect for their space.


Libra is dependable and values balance and harmony. This colorful yet soft color palette exudes this air sign's traits well.


Scorpio is deeply passionate and loves mystery. This dark color scheme makes them feel right at home.